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 Audit  As a leading auditing company, we offer a full range of services related to the financial review, performed in accordance with the established rules of auditing financial statements: International Standards of Auditing and National Audit Standards. 

 Taxes  Considering all risks entailed by tax decisions, and bearing in mind financial and economic security of our Clients, we offer you substantive support within the services rendered in connection with tax law, as well as financial regulations concerning the investments of our Clients. 

 Consulting  Running a company is a lot like walking on thin ice. Even if you’re careful, prudent and aware of the rules of business management, you can still stumble and even fall into ice-cold water. As advisors, we are proven, reliable partners who can test the ice for you and help you to safety. 

 Accounting and Outsourcing   We are here to provide you with credible and professional accounting and payroll services, which is to ensure suitable information and taxation safety for your business. Credibly means reliably, without any irregularities and promptly. We offer you dedicated project teams (statutory auditors, chartered accountants, experts on taxation) matching the specific character of your business. 

 Training   We have been organising training courses for entrepreneurs since 1993 as our priority has always been the quality of our training services, we have developed our own workout programs which are highly regarded by our clients. This is the PKF Consult Vocational Training Centre, which is a non-public vocational training unit.

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